Geokno India is a spin off from IIT Kanpur promoted by the faculty members and young researchers from Geo-informatics Laboratory. Geokno has the industry experts who have experience in LiDAR Technology for more than a decade. GMR Group looking at the need to introduce and implement latest technologies has acquired majority stake in Geokno so as to mature the LiDAR technology fully in India. Now, our strength also comes from our parent company GMR Group who is one of the largest infrastructure developers in the country. Hence with a combination of all we can deliver a complete solution in the Geospatial domain.


  • We Overall



    "Geokno is the first and only company in India to have scanners in all three categories - Airborne, Mobile and Terrestrial LiDAR"

  • Airborne Lidar



    Geokno delivers all the aspects of Airborne LiDAR services from Flight planning, Data capturing, Data processing to Final 3D model generation in international standard.

  • Mobile Lidar



    Geokno mobile mapping system is designed for collecting engineering/survey grade LiDAR data over large areas that are unfeasible with static LiDAR sensors.

  • Terrestrial Lidar



    Geokno Terrestrial LiDAR systems can able to scan thousands of points per second which allows us to collect large amount of data in short time with high level of detail.

uality Policy

Geokno is committed to Deliver geospatial services and solutions which exceed customer requirement. Geokno offers innovative and path-breaking solutions and services which ensures fast return on investment for client.

 Board of Directors

Geokno has enthusiastic, energetic, dedicated and dynamic persons on their Board of Directors who strives to encourage positive growth in the Centre. Geokno’s board has a perfect blend to become an Industry leader in Geospatial domain.


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