LiDAR is an effective technology in capturing survey grade measurements and detailed configurations of assets.

LiDAR can reach inaccessible areas and obtain detailed information on intricate geometric shapes.It has the ability to collect large amounts of surface data quickly.

LiDAR has been used to collect geometric measurements and produce three-dimensional models of highway and other infrastructure, which can then be compared to original design plans and used for future reference, as as-built models.

LiDAR has the ability to provide accurate data of volumetric displacement of rock faces.For preconstruction design and project estimation.

LiDAR  has been used  forits accuracy, precision, and relative  quickness for data collection.Lidar can provide accurate details for all the stages of infrastructure lifecycle through planning to maintenance.

LiDAR can be used to document rock geometry for monitoring purposes; by scanning a tunnel section at intervals over a period of time, tunnel deformation can be tracked and quantitatively compared.Likewise slope stability along the roads can also be assessed through the 3D lidar point cloud.

Infrastructure Management


LiDAR point clouds can be processed and archived in as-built models, which could be used as future references for the construction of new connecting roadways and the preservation of existing infrastructure.

Utility structure location

Road sign & traffic Signal

Utility right-of-ways

Condition assessments

Vegetation analysis

Infringement Analysis

Pipeline integrity management

Plan, implement and maintain infrastructure

Monitor transmission corridors

Asset environmental impact

Detect vegetation changes

Topographic change detection

Power line sagging

Attachment point measure

Vegetation encroachment

Electrical load assessment

Safety assessment

Digital model of cell towers

Identify existing towers

Route assessment

Catenaries tension measure

Antenna angles and connection wires

Fiber Optic optimal cable route design

Transmission distribution and design

Analysis of existing Telecom infrastructure

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