Topographic Survey Solutions


Topographical survey is the process of recording precise three dimensional information of a real world object or environment.

Terrestrial  Laser  Scanning  provides high resolution topographic data by measuring the reflect of laser fired from a scanner to the terrain. By sweeping a laser beam over a scene or object, the laser scanner is able to record millions of 3D points.

Thus, the initial output from Terrestrial Laser Scanning is a high density point cloud captured at a rate of thousands of points per second.

With our ILRIS HD Terrestrial Laser Scanner, we can acquire millions of points within each square kilometer which contains precisely measured X, Y, Z points referred to as a point cloud with intensity and/or RGB information providing accurate survey data about the natural as well as man-made features of the land, and its elevation.

This density creates a robust data set which cannot be achieved by the conventional methods. LiDAR is useful because it can provide accurate positions over large areas and can collect 1 tens to thousands of points in a second. LiDAR derived DEM's are more accurate and have wide range of applications in many fields.



  Fast and Remote survey

  Mapping of inaccessible areas/slopes/high steeps

  Data archived for future-Can be used to extract information any time acheter levitra en ligne

  Remote measurement of large and inaccessible area possible

  Capture of large number of points increases accuracy of final data derived

  No danger to people and no interference to ongoing work


  Topographical Mapping of Chikaldara Hill Station using Terrestrial Laser Scanning

  Topographical Survey for Hydro Power Dam at Pipalkoti using Terrestrial Laser Scanning

  Topographic survey at MALANA HEP-III using Laser Scanning (LIDAR) Technology

  Laser scanning of Karya Magnesite Mines, Mysore 3D model generation, creating  transverse & longitudinal sections, and

volume computation http://thompsonmu....

  Topographic Survey for Landslide and Stone Shooting sites from Katra to Vaishno  Devi Temple Using Terrestrial Laser


  Topographic survey, WebGIS, and 3D virtual CAD model for Master Plan and  Campus Information System for Dr. Harisingh Gour

University, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh

Geokno India Private Limited