Geokno has introduced LiDAR technology who provides wide range of solutions in railway sector. Our LiDAR based solutions provides support through the provision of topographic mapping, for the preliminary and detailed design of new railway routes.


 Horizontal and vertical route alignment

DEM, Contour map & Topographic maps

Complete digital record of all Right Of Way(ROW).

Track management and Land Management

Asset mapping providing property identification

Optimum route selection

Feasibility study

Railways & Metro


Mobile LiDAR data provides a detailed, accurate 3-D representation of the true existing conditions of the Overhead Catenary System structures. This information can be compared to existing plans to verify additions to the facility, structural fabrication materials and clearances and wire attachment points. Clearance information includes “gap” analysis data at station platforms and horizontal and vertical clearances of physical features located along rail lines, in tunnels and at at-grade crossings can be obtained accurately.


The design of new railway sidings is crucial in improving traffic flow along existing rail lines. To add rail sidings to the existing track requires an accurate survey for the proper and efficient design. Conventional survey methods are time-consuming and require either that the line is shut down for safety reasons, or that data collection is interrupted to let traffic pass. Terrestrial vehicle -based LiDAR offers a solution to performing this task safely and efficiently, without interruption.


Every railway line is unique and supports a site-specific ecosystem and the efficient use of the railway corridor lies on maintaining the ecosystem. Unchecked vegetation growth along the rail corridor can undermine the stability of the sub-grade material and some vegetation can resist the effects of erosion. However, depending on their location, trees along the rail corridor can also interfere with passing trains by obstructing the free passage of rail vehicles. Monitoring track conditions, Switch conditions, Inventory, Signage, and Obstructions such as vegetation encroaching on the rail right-of-way.

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