Limulator aims at generating LiDAR data as per user specifications. The software facilitates user to create terrain of his/her choice using available tools. User has option for selection of either generic sensor or commercially available sensors and can set their parameters accordingly. The simulator generates LiDAR data similar to a real LiDAR sensor for further display and analysis. The Limulator can be useful to instructors and students to generate variety of LiDAR data for experimentation. The readily available accurate ground truth and the ability to produce LiDAR data with different specifications make this software also suitable for algorithm testing (e.g. information extraction) and research. Further, it can be useful in flight planning. Being cross platform software, it can be installed on any operating system.



Terrain Generator
Terrain generator function enables us to produce the terrain according to our requirements. It gives various options to generate the terrain like polygon terrain, fractal terrain, DEM reader and terrain model. We can select the default terrain models from the tool “Terrain Model”; the function also gives option to import the existing DEM files into the software and we can specify the flight lines
Setting Platform Attitude and Acceleration
We can mention the values of aircraft acceleration and attitude like Roll, Pitch and Yaw or otherwise we can directly import them.
Sensor Selector
This function facilitates to select the sensor in which we can adjust various parameters of aircraft and LiDAR sensor. We can select the aircraft altitude, velocity, overlap and sensor scan pattern, firing frequency, scan frequency, scan angle, field of view to achieve our require results.
Output in Various Common Formats Including LAS and Data Viewer:
The final results can be exported in various formats like

  XYZ values

  LAS binary,

  Time, Attitude

  Time, Acceleration,

  Time, XYZ, Acceleration, Attitude.


The Limulator software is having a rich GUI user interface so that a user can use this software with ease

A help tool is available with this to guide the user zithromax cheap online

Being operating system independent software is an additional feature of Limulator

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