This is the latest development from Geokno. The Beta version is already out and is being evaluated at the moment for further modifications. LASViewer fills an important gap in industry on LiDAR data processing. The software is aimed at those who need to see LiDAR data and carry out small processing jobs. However, purchase of full LiDAR processing software is not within the budget or requirement. LASViewer provides a handy tool for viewing LiDAR data in different interactive ways. The 3D immersive viewing ensures better visualization and understanding of data. One can also measure 3D coordinates, distances and areas. Further, users can share information about data by generating and disseminating Point of Interest and Areas of Interest.

Using this software you can:

  Handle large LiDAR data files (.las files) quickly.

  Visualize data with elevation, intensity, class, return, flight line, RGB etc.

  Visualize data in immersive 3D—increasing your data handling efficiency multifold

  See these files in text format and interact,

  Measure distances, area, data density and save these

  Mark points and area of interest and save these

  Load points/area of interest from existing files

  Trim a large file to smaller chunks / tiles

  Carry out accuracy analysis by uploading control points

  Apply many more useful data handling functions

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