Most of the vendors provide LiDAR data in LAS format. However, still LAS is not a part of several GIS, Image processing, DEM, and point cloud processing packages. This software provides several utilities that can help in working with LAS files, including:

  Interactive displays of LAS file contents (header records & point cloud data) in text.

  Graphical displays of LAS file point cloud.

  Stitch the different LAS files of same format in one large LAS file.

  Trim LAS file based on a graphically selected area of interest or range of point data records.

  Conversion among different LAS file formats.

  Convert XYZ, Intensity and return number stored in a text file into equivalent LAS file.

  Convert a LAS file into ASCII file with XYZ and Intensity.

  Convert whole contents of a LAS file into text file.

This software can be useful for those who wish to use existing GIS or other in-house software for processing LAS file and do not want to invest in procuring the dedicated LiDAR processing software.

Geokno India Private Limited